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Worldwide Industrial Enterprises, Inc. has years of experience in delivering high quality protective coatings for concrete, metal, and wood surfaces. Since their inception they have strived to provide the highest level of customer service. The Worldwide Industrial Enterprises, Inc. Reviews website was designed specifically to showcase the many REAL and VERIFIABLE TESTIMONIALS that their customers have submitted to them about their product throughout the years. These reviews highlight the many different projects that both their residential and commercial customers have completed with great success.

Customers can easily contact their experienced staff to help them with any questions they might have in regards to surface and floor preparation as well as color recommendations. With over 15 colors to choose from for concrete, metal, wood and more, the product’s diversity is rather impressive. Check out more details about the provider of thundershield floor coating by browsing through this site or visiting the main site


For years Worldwide Industrial Enterprises, Inc. has served residential and commercial customers throughout the US with their Thundershield coating. By clicking on the reviews tab or link below you will find several real testimonials...
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Thundershield Floor Coating Is perfect for All Kinds of Flooring Options
The coatings are ideal even for warehouse floors which are among the highest traffic areas. This do-ityourself coating can be easily applied by customers and does not require any mixing or professional assistance. Thundershield Floor Coating is an excellent and affordable way to maintain...
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Thundershield Floor Coating Helps To Protect Floors and All Other Surfaces
Thundershield floor coating is an excellent choice for providing a protective shield to any kind of flooring. With time, the original color of the floor starts fading and it makes a room look boring and dull. After some time, every flooring type needs to be retouched in order to maintain the elegance and attraction of a room.
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